What if I don’t want to fill out my personal information?

Andres Afanador
Andres Afanador
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We take your personal information very seriously!

It’s important to emphasize that CertifID does not store the sensitive information that you provide. The only personal information that is stored in the highest encrypted environment are: name, email, phone number, and provided wire transfer instructions.


We understand that everyone has their limits when it comes to providing personal information online. Information such as Date of Birth and Social Security number are both optional fields. It is possible to complete the CertifID process without entering your DOB and/or SSN, and this information is only used to create questions that only you should be able to answer. Please note: this information is never stored and is cleared from our servers immediately after they are used.


Still not feeling comfortable? It’s never a bad thing to be overly cautious! In this case, please reach out to the sender of the CertifID request and inform them that you would like to use alternative means for verifying identity and exchanging wire instructions.


We must warn you: this is exactly what cyber-criminals are hoping for! Stay vigilant and proceed with caution.

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