How do I submit my bank account information via CertifID?

JJ Franco
JJ Franco
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After receiving a request from your title company or law firm to provide your account information, you'll first confirm your identity and then be brought to a form to input your account details.




  • You'll first be asked for your bank's routing number. As you enter in the routing number, our system will confirm the bank it's associated with to be sure you're using the correct routing number.


  • There are options to select if this is a joint or trust account. If so, please indicate that and then in the next section, please be sure to enter in all account holder (or trust name) information along with the your specific account number.

If you'll be disbursing funds into an investment account, please see the 'Investment Accounts' section at the bottom of this article


  • Finally, enter in the billing address associated with this account. 

    • NOTE: This is not asking for the bank's address, but the account holders address on file with the bank. 


  • Finally, click Continue, make a final review of the information you've input, and then submit your account information.


Investment Accounts

If you're having your funds disbursed to an investment or brokerage account, you'll use the 'Final Credit To' section found at the bottom of the form to add the additional information required.

Typically, your investment firm will provide instructions on how to wire funds into that account. Please have these instructions on hand as you complete this form.


  • In the account holder section of the form, enter in the name indicated by your investment firm (typically the brokerage name) and enter in the brokerage's account number.
  • Enter in the brokerage's address as provided on their wiring instructions as the billing address.
  • Click on the 'Add final credit to' button to expand that section and enter in the final credit details. This will generally be your name, or the owner of the investment accounts name, and the specific account number within that brokerage.
  • Click Continue and review all of the final information on the review page to be sure it matches the wiring instructions provided by your brokerage or investment firm. If all looks correct, click on submit.




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