How do I receive wiring instructions via CertifID?

Andres Afanador
Andres Afanador
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CertifID is used by your title company or law firm to safely and securely share wiring instructions in order to prevent wire fraud. 

  1. You'll receive an email and text message from CertifID with a link that says Get Started to go through the secure CertifID portal and receive the account information where you'll send in your closing funds.
  2. After clicking the link, you'll be brought to CertifID's secure portal. You'll first need to receive and enter a validation code sent via text message or phone call to your device.
  3. Once completed, follow the prompts to complete the process. Please use the walkthrough below for how to complete the process and receive the wiring instructions.


Take these instructions to your bank to initiate the wire transfer. For general information on the process for sending a wire, please see the following article: How to send a wire


Still having an issue with receiving the wiring instructions from your title company or law firm? Feel free to reach out to for further assistance!



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