What are CertifID "Request Types"?

Andres Afanador
Andres Afanador
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CertifID can help you send wiring instructions, confirm account information, or collect account details

There are 3 different request types.


  • The send request type allows you to send your company's wiring instructions.
  • You can send these instructions to a client, realtor, lender, another title company, etc.
  • When the recipient receives and views the wiring instructions securely you will be notified.


  • The confirm request allows you to confirm someone's account information that has been provided to you.
  • Before you disburse funds, you want to make sure you are sending them to the correct account.
  • The recipient's identity is verified and then they review the account information and confirm the account is correct and where they want the funds deposited.


  • The collect request allows you to collect account information securely that you can rely on to disburse those funds.
  • You give us the recipient's contact information and we verify their identity and then ask them for their account information
  • Once they have provided their account information it will be available for you to view in your CertifID dashboard

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