How do I enter details from my Credit Union?

Tyler George
Tyler George
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Completing a request when you are working with a Credit Union may require special instructions, depending on your institution. We recommend contacting them directly to ensure you have all the correct information. 


In general, there are some common steps to follow. Here is an example of confirming account information with a Credit Union:


The steps are as follows:

1. Enter the routing number provided by your institution in the ABA routing number field. This may be different from what you see on your checks, so be sure to enter the routing number provided by your institution for wire transfers. This is common with Credit Unions as they often use an intermediary bank for wire transfers.



2. After selecting the correct options for Joint, Trust, & Account type, enter the account information for the Credit Union itself. You will typically enter the name of the Credit Union in the Account holder field and then their provided account number and address.



3. In the "Add final credit to" section, enter your name and personal account number. The 'Final Credit' account should be where you want the money to be ultimately deposited. 


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